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For Your crowning glory

Is your hair getting spoilt due to split ends? In case you are wondering as to why this is happening to you, it is because the protective cuticle is worn away on the tip of a strand, allowing the fibers of the cortex to unravel and the hair to split lengthwise. Here are some tips to maintain your crowning glory.

  • Take care not to split them in the first place, because the only cure is trim, according to trichologists.
  • Don't brush hair when it's wet, because that's when it is at its most vulnerable. Cool it on the heat styling tricks. That means cut down on hair dryers, straightening irons, crimpers, curling irons and hot curlers.
  • Bay a natural-bristle brush that won't pull on hair and ultimately break it off, thereby causing a possible split end.
  • Wear a hat to minimise sun damage
  • Use a shampoo that lists sunscreen as a major ingredient. Consition after shampooing, and use a deep conditioner once a month. Try a hair split repair product. It won't actually repair the hair, but it will minimise the stray hair look you hate.
  • Get a trim every six weeks.
  • Treat your hair as the fragile.
  • Treat your hair as the fragile living thing it is; don't twirl, tug or abuse it. A satin pillow case will minimize tangles.
  • Always use coates or covered rubber bands.
  • When you swim, wear a swim cap to protect your hair from harsh chlorine. Learning preventative care is a must. Too may products, treatments and fussy hairdos won't do your hair any good.
  • Overdying and drying it are the main culprits.   Bookmark   Astrology   Chat Room   Classifieds   Computer   Downloads   Directory   Dating   Domain Tools   Education   eCards   Finance   Forums   Freelance Work   Free Hosting   Free Mail   Gallery   Games   Guest Book   Greeting Cards   Ham Radio   Health   Home Business   Hosting Tutorials   Hosting Directory   India   Jobs   Jokes   Kerala   Matrimonial   Music   Movies   News   News Letter   Recipes   Real Estate   Search   SMS   Tourist Guide   Top 100 Sites   Vote Us   Yellow Pages   Arthunkal Church   Site Map