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Beauty > Face Care

Face Care Routine

The basic steps for natural skin care for face and body including cleansing, toning, exfoliation and moisturizing. Here we are going to discuss some of the tips and tricks that we can use to make us look younger and more beautiful.


Cleansing just clean your skin . It is very important to get rid of any impurities such as dirt particles and makeup before going to sleep so that your skin can breathe properly at night. First, splash your face with warm water to open the pores and wipe off with a clean cloth. Then applay suitable cleanser on face and neck. Use mild or natural cleanser at least twice a day and make sure that it does not cause skin irritation .

  • Remove mascara with a cotton bud dipped in eye-dipped in eye-cleansing lotion. To make the job easier keep your hair off your face.

  • Remove the eyeshadow by gently wiping it off with a pad of clean cotton wool moistened with eye-cleansing lotion.

  • Pour a little face cleansing cream into the palm of one hand and dab it generously over the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks---using two fingers of the other hand.

  • Massage the cream into the skin, starting under the throat, using a gentle upward motion.

  • Continue massaging the cream up to the forehead, using the fingertips.

  • Gently massage the cream from the eyes to the nose.

  • Massage cream back over the chin, which is particularly prone to blackheads. Use the index finger.

  • Remove the cream from the face with tissue pads in each hand. Start under the chin and work over the cheeks and on to the forehead


Toners remove all traces of dirt, make-up or cleanser that remain after cleansing. It tightens up skin and close up any skin pores that may have opened up while deep cleansing the face. Toners must be alcohol-free as alcohol dries off skin. After cleansing, it is then vital to prepare our skin by toning to ensure a perfectly cleansed and balanced skin, as the hardening effects of tap water alters our ph level.

  • Immediately after cleansing apply toner to the forehead and cheeks on a pad of corron wool

  • Apply the toner to the crevices around the nose.

  • Apply the toner to the crevices around the chin.


As skin cells renew themselves, a build up of dead skin cells sit on top of the skins surface, preventing active ingredients from penetrating into the skin leaving the epidermis looking dull and lifeless. Everyone needs some exfoliation, it just may vary between individuals. For those with oily skin, exfoliation is important to help remove excess skin oils and plugs within the oil glands that can lead to acne or blackheads.


Without moisture, the skin will not remain smooth and supple. Like our body, our skin also needs hydration and proper nutrients to keep it healthy. Moisturing helps to protect your skin from daily pollutants. Moisturising morning and evening with a natural moisturiser will hydrate, moisturise and protect your ski. But like toners and cleansers, there are different types of moisturizers for different types of skin. If you have dry skin you should choose a moisturizer containing oil (like petrolatum), if you have oily skin you should choose water-based creams and oil-free formulations. Aloe vera, sunflower oil, glycerine are all good moisturisers.

  • Using the tips ofthe fingers, dot moisturising cream lightly all over the face.

  • Press the fingers of both hands into the centre of the forehead and work the cream slowly outwards. Pat the cream gentlyaround the eyes.

  • Work the cream around the jawline, chin and mouth with the middle fingers of both hands.

  • Massage the cream over the throat with alternating hands, using upward strokes from collar-bone to chin

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