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This site will help you to maintain a clear skin you've always dreamed of having in natural ways. Beauty of the skin starts from inside your body! Your skin needs fresh air, exercise, a proper diet, minerals and vitamins and it needs protection from the sun. If you eat a balanced diet you will be able to maintain your physique and glowing beauty externally and good health internally. Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and getting plenty of rest are probably the best way to achieving . What goes into your body is reflective on the outside including your skin.

Healthy skin is an essential part of health and natural beauty. What we eat has a profound effect on our outward appearance as well as on our physical well-being. An ideal diet should provide adequate quantities of all the nutrients essential to skin and beauty. Vitamins are essential for good health, growth and important metabolic processes of the body. Those who consume Vitamin rich foods, such as citrus fruits, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, have their skin glowing.

Essential Vitamins for your Beautiful Skin

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for healthy hair and eyes. It is also important in the prevention and clearing of infections of the skin. Vitamin A counteracts dry skin, dandruff and wrinkle formation. It is needed for healthy blood circulation which gives a glow to the skin. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to eruptions or dry, coarse, wrinkled skin; dull and dry hair or dandruff; ridging or peeling fingernails; pimples or acne and visual fatigue.

Natural Sources of Vitamin A : Cod liver oil, Dairy products, Eggs, Carrots, Green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, Papaya.

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are vital for clear, luminous skin, youthful looks and for delaying greying of hair. They are essential for healthy skin, hair, and eyes. Studies show that 40 percent of dermatitis sufferers lack B vitamins. B vitamins also counteract stress, which has adverse effects on one's appearance.

A deficiency of B complex vitamins can lead to: Greasy hair, dandruff , dry skin, Scaly lips, Redness and irritation , Premature wrinkles, Poor hair growth, Grey hair, Inflamed fissures at the angles of the nose and mouth.

Natural sources for Vitamin B Complex : Whole grain cereals, wheat , Pulses, Nuts, Green leafy vegetables, Molasses, Meat, Liver, Brewer's yeast.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, in conjunction with protein, is necessary for the production of collagen-the glue that holds us and our skin together and circumvents sags or wrinkles. It regulates sebaceous glands to keep skin from drying out; helps prevent facial lines, wrinkles and spider veins; hair tangling or breaking.

Vitamin C is essential for the health of the hair, eyes and teeth, resistance to infection, healing of wounds and firm skin tissues.

Natural sources for vitamin C : Green vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, green peppers, raw leafy greens, tomatoes, Fresh fruits, like lemon, orange and grapefruit, cantaloupe, kiwi, strawberries ,Potatoes, Black currants, blackberries, buckwheat, cherries, and grape are rich sources of flavonoids.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth, bones and nails as well as for the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus. It promotes healthy eyes, skin and teeth. Deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to dental decay.

Natural Sources of Vitamin D : Rays of the sun , Milk, Beef liver, Salmon , Tuna, Butter, Sprouted seeds.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps form muscles and tissues to prevent wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. It helps prevent dry, dull skin, age spots, falling hair and dandruff. It improves circulation and healing of scars. Research has shown that large doses of vitamin E double healthy cell reproduction to slow the aging process and forestall premature wrinkling. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or an overactive thyroid, check with your physician before taking supplemental E.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E : wheat bread, Whole grains, Wheat germ, Milk,Raw or spouted seeds, sparagus, Butter, Egg yolks, Leafy greens , Liver, Olives , Soybeans, Sunflower seeds, Nuts, Vegetable oils.


Water should be taken in large quantities, from six to eight glasses a day. It gives the skin the necessary moisture and a dewy look. Water clears the system of all toxins and keeps the blood free from impurities. Water also protects the skin against pimples. In case of insufficient intake of water, the body will draw on all its water reservoirs, including those of the skin, resulting in dehydration of the skin.

Reasons for Drink More Water - Benifits of Drink More Water.....


A deficiency of proteins is indicated by the skin becoming slack and loose. Thus, adequate protein is necessary for healthy hair, skin, teeth and nails and for firm skin tissues. Natural sources for Proteins are Fish ,Meats, Poultry , Eggs, Dairy products, Vegetable proteins, Cheese

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